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Feeding The World

Since 2014 we produce fresh products from México to the world.

Madera lavada blanca



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With passion for the industry and innovation our mission is to lead in the market with excellence and value-added on agricultural products, being food safety in synergy with quality of our products, who characterizes us and builds confidence in our customers around the world.


Be the most respected and recognized agricultural products trading Company, delight with the highest quality and reliability to our customers with the best and happy team. Feeding the world with the best quality.


Our products are sold in the most popular supermarkets in Mexico such as HEB, SAMS & COSTCO, as well as the most recognized supermarket chains in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Spain. We make our way to the end users throug our partners located around the globe, dedicated to import and distribute on the different sales segments such as retail, food service and industrial, excelling as the best supplying solution for agricultural products.

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20,000,000+ asparagus crowns planted

1,000+ created jobs directly

25,000,000+ broccoli crowns harvested, packed and exported

4,800,000+ Kg exported to USA, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore

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